Design Goals

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There are a few design goals always kept in mind when developing Somnium:

One Town, One Community

Having a strong (even if small) community is the foremost goal of Somnium, and to that end, there will only ever be one town. This will keep the player characters together, and help them have common goals and interests as they work together for the good of the overall community (which will in turn be for the good of themselves). There may be other small outposts or camps here and there, but none will be anything like a full-featured town, and likely serve only as (relatively) safe resting areas and possible resupply posts. There would also be no guarantee these minor outposts would persist, as they could be abandoned or destroyed by natural or hostile forces at any time.

Those who fall out of the good graces of the singular major town can still find ways to survive and continue off the land outside town of course, though they will miss out on the amenities, services, and other bonuses of town access, and no special accommodations will be made for them. Keeping at least a civil reputation is important.

Every Profession is Important

Rather than be combat-centric, Somnium aims to make all skills and professions important. While combat-apt character will certainly be important in combat situations, there are other important aspects of keeping the Somnium community healthy, with a lot of this revolving around building and maintaining the primary town of the game. All craftsmen will be able to donate or sell their goods to the town market, which can put the goods up for resale (for other players to buy), or, the goods may go directly to town services. In addition, the various facilities and venues around town are sure to be in need of repairs or maintenance from time to time. The town is small, its population of experts few and with many gaps. The player characters are expected to fill these gaps and help the town not only survive, but thrive. And of course, the effects of morale should not be underestimated - performers, talented cooks, healthcare providers, and even those who are simply capable of producing quality ingredients used by such people can have a subtle but powerful influence over the community.