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Everything is so obfuscated! Where are all the numbers and calculations and formula explanations?

They're intentionally left out. Part of the fun is figuring out what works best by experimentation.

It seems like mechanics and systems keep changing! Why can't you make up your mind?

The more people play, the more testing is done and the more things are tweaked. Sometimes a system that initially sounded great ends up being terrible. I reserve the right to adjust mechanics as deemed necessary.

Is this an RPE (RP-Enforced) environment?

Yes. OOC (out-of-character) talk and behavior is not permitted, and characters should strive to act appropriate to the environment and fit within the world.

Is this an RPI (RP-Intensive) environment?

Maybe? It seems like every person has a different definition for the term, so I'll just say this: Fledgling RPers are more than welcome in Somnium, even if this if their very first experience with trying to really roleplay a character, provided they are putting forth an honest effort.

Why do people keep asking what my character's name is?

The game uses an introduction system (sort of), so people will only see a brief description of your appearance rather than a name until they use the NAME command to recall you with a specific name. This means you could technically introduce yourself to one person as Fred and another person as George, if you wanted. It also means you could introduce yourself to someone as Wiegraf, but they could choose to recall you as Gustav.

Will GM-driven events and RP take place in the game?

Absolutely. I love interacting with players in an in-character medium via various NPCs and would love to reward those whom are interested in learning more about the lore and world they inhabit, and getting more involved in goings-on. That said, players should also be content to enjoy player-run RP and events. There's no way I can be expected to be around all the time to run events.

Is death permanent?

Kind of. Generally speaking, characters are given a few chances to perform a miraculous escape in more common/mundane scenarios. Certain situations, areas, and NPCs or entities may be exceptionally dangerous, however, with no chance of escape upon death. Rule of thumb: never assume you'll be able to come back to life from any death scenario. See the Warnings page.

Some things and references seem familiar. Does this game take place in a world from another game or story?

I've recycled some of my own favorite ideas from other games and works I've created, but this world is its own.

Where are the guns and gunpowder? The tech level suggests they might exist in this world.

Gunpowder doesn't exist (or at the very least, hasn't been discovered or just doesn't work) in this world.

Someone has been harassing me! Will you please help?

For the most part, players are expected to handle their own personal problems. If someone is using game mechanics to harass another player and make the game unplayable for them, that may be looked into. If a player is being made fun of, teased, or other things, players are expected to be mature enough to handle that on their own. Remember that everything that goes on in Somnium should be considered IC, save for private OOC communications - in the latter case, a player may simply squelch or ignore another harassing player's OOC communications.

I can't afford to buy food, and I'm about to starve to death! Where can I get food?

Characters can try foraging (use the FORAGE command) in various places for basic ingredients and food, or butchering (use the BUTCHER command) animal corpses for meat. If a water source like a lake or river is available, fishing and spearfishing are additional options to those with the appropriate skillset.

Can we start an IC project to improve this little outpost out in the boonies and see it grow to be more full-featured?

That would go against the "one town, one community" design goal of Somnium, unfortunately. It's my opinion that splitting a small playerbase is not a good thing - I've seen it happen, including in a game I made myself. If, by some miracle, we ended up with a steady ~50 players regularly playing, I would consider additional more fully-featured settlements, but otherwise - sorry, no.

What do I do if I've ruined my reputation in town and get banned?

Live off the land! It's very possible (and even fun!) to survive outside town, though of course it will be more difficult. If a player isn't happy with the idea of their character continuing without access to town, it might be better to start a new character instead.

Do you need any additional developers, coders, GMs, or builders?

No thanks. I want to keep this project 100% my own and under my complete control. I'm kind of a power-hoarding selfish tyrant that way.

Could I just write up a new system concept or lore/event ideas and email it to you?

I'm happy to see new systems ideas, lore ideas, and other suggestions posted on the BBS. When they're put up there, the community at large can discuss them, and I like that rather than just being emailed where only I will see it (and also, expectations and pressure seem to increase significantly when email is used, for some reason).

Why can't I turn off the language filter?

In every fantasy RP game I've played, real-world more modern "swear words" have always struck me as jarring and immersion-breaking. Since this is a game and world of my own invention, I've established that these "swear words" are out-of-genre for the setting. The primary reason these are filtered while other out-of-genre terms and phrases are not ("oh snap", "woot", "dude") is because "swear words" tend to be used frequently by players regardless of setting, while it's generally known and accepted that other out-of-genre terms should be avoided in RP-enforced settings.

The filter handily substitutes in genre-appropriate words that can be considered equivalents in the game world.

Can I make a money donation?

I don't like accepting money for this hobby at this time, so you can think of me as you spend those few bucks on someone you know who might be in need. Alternatively, you could make a donation to one of the following charities that I support: