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Immortals are powerful beings that dwell in or otherwise influence the world of Somnium. While wielding knowledge and power far beyond that of mortals, the Immortals are by no means omnipotent or even omniscient, and while many Immortals are associated with certain domains, they are generally not believed to be perfect embodiments or representations of said domains. Much of the information on the these beings is uncertain, as they tend to be very selective in what they reveal to the mortal peoples, and have had a lesser presence since the War of Hosts in which many were slain. It is said, however, that the destruction of an Immortal's body is not necessarily the end of the powerful spirit that dwelt within.

Then did the words of Arash give the Just pause, for even the Seraf was, by Her own admission, imperfect in Her affinity for Justice and Law; and so did She reconsider Her ruling.

List of Prominent Immortals

The names given them by mortals are many, and so the most prominent Immortals are listed here instead by their most common epithets.

(This list is not yet complete!)

Greater Immortals

  • The Mother Goddess - Head of the Serafim and creator of Man, the Mother Goddess created the Sun to end the War of Hosts and drive the nethrim into the dark places of the world. Her domains include mankind (both life and death thereof), compassion, healing, and fire.
  • The Just - Concerned with order and justice, the Just is also affiliated with the domain of commerce. Serafic patron of traders, judges, lawmen, peacekeepers.
  • The Dreamwarden - Serafic guardian of the dream world and the night, slayer of evil. Her domains include dreams, the night, and guarding the helpless (such as those whom are asleep). Patron of guardsmen and hunters of nethrim. The Dreamwarden is often at odds with the evil creatures that come out during the night and is known for being one of the greatest warriors among the Serafim.
  • The Wild Watcher - Never to be presumed master over wild things, the Wild Watcher is nonetheless tasked to watch and, when necessary, protect the natural world, striving to maintain the balances and cycles of all life. Of particular interest is the influence of the Serafim and Man on the natural world. There is debate over whether the Wild Watcher is of the Serafim or another type of being that simply takes counsel with them.
  • The Wayfinder - Serafic patron of explorers, travelers, and treasure hunters, the Wayfinder is most concerned with searching all of creation and discovering its hidden wonders.
  • The Troubadour - Serafic patron of artists and performers, the Troubadour's domains include music, performing arts, emotions, and aesthetics. It is often said that while the Mother Goddess gave man life, it was the Troubador whom gave man joy (or, less specifically, greater emotions). Particularly revered by the Ilyad Gwyl clan of Osweans.
  • The Artificer - Architect of the Serafim and Master of Hammer, Chisel, and Forge, he oversaw the giborim in the shaping of the world. Patron of blacksmiths, stonemasons, miners, architects, and artisans in general.
  • The Chronicler - Serafic observer, scholar, and keeper of lore. The Chronicler is concerned with the observing and chronicling of all things, and so is immensely knowledgeable. Patron of clerks, scholars, and lorekeepers.
  • The Stormbringer - An aloof and immensely powerful being who helped much with the shaping of the world, his domains include seas, winds, and storms. When the world was threatened at what would be the beginning of the War of Hosts, he sacrificed himself to save it from immediate and total doom, allowing a chance for the forces of good to fight for survival. There is some debate over whether the Stormbringer is serafic or some other kind of being.
  • The Fleshlord - A daemon with the ability to alter the bodies of living creatures, believed to be the creator of many of the world's particularly abominable monstrosities. Particularly foolish mortals seeking greater power may appeal to this daemon and, with sufficient devotion and sacrifice, receive enhanced strength, stamina, and other physical augmentations, though always at the price of becoming hideously disfigured in the process. Of all Daeva, this one is perhaps most engaged in actively tormenting mankind.
  • The World Eater - A massive daemon that feeds on earth and stone, no other being can match its physical might. It is said to be one with the earth, and many tales speak of mortals mistaking the daemon for a small mountain before its massive form uproots to move about of its own accord. Earthquakes are commonly attributed to this daemon. It is said to have a particular craving for gemstones.
  • The Abyssal Maw - Within the crushing, abyssal depths of the outer oceans dwells the Abyssal Maw, a monstrosity beyond description with an insatiable appetite for the souls of all creatures, its massive tentacles ever searching for prey. Legend holds that the Serafim fear this abomination over any other evil, and that the outer oceans, once the domain of the Stormbringer and teeming with life, are now dead and lifeless thanks to the endless appetite and feeding of this eldritch horror.
  • The Verdant - A daemon with an uncanny affinity for altering and controlling plant life. The Verdant is known to dwell in Zeresh, and is rumored to be worshipped by many of the Zereshite tribes. The prolific dangerous and horrible flora found in the jungles and swamps there are attributed to the the daemon's influence, as are many poisonous or otherwise dangerous plants found elsewhere in the world.
  • The Secret-Keeper - A seeker of arcane secrets and forbidden knowledge, this wraithlike being is occasionally sought by mortals in search of their own answers to arcane mysteries, though interactions seem to result in the mortal's madness rather than enlightenment more often than not. Most tales speak of deals being struck with the Secret-Keeper, the most common transaction being the mortal's memories given in payment for the Daeva's knowledge.

Lesser Immortals

  • The Sea-Maiden - Her sole original domain being hope, the domain of the seas was passed to her also after the loss of the Stormbringer at the start of the War of Hosts. She is the patron of fishermen and sailors, and is often sought out for both hope and consolation by those who have lost loved ones to uncertain fates (particularly sailors lost at sea). Many tales speak of the Troubadour both loving and resenting the Sea-Maiden, for it is said the beauty of her voice is unmatched even by he.
  • The Gatekeeper - The stoic and stalwart Serafic guardian of the gateway to the afterlife. Despite being considered a lesser immortal in purpose and influence, she is still regarded as one of the greatest of Immortal warriors.
  • The Shadowdancer - A sly and cunning Immortal who delights in trickery, her domains include shadows and illusions, and she is the Immortal patron of thieves. Despite her love of mischief, she is generally considered ultimately good-hearted (or at least not particularly malevolent), more interested in the thrill and the joy of trickery and thievery, though still suffers a dubious reputation.
  • The Forestwalker - Wanders the wooded and more flourishing places of the world to keep a better eye on them in service of the Wild Watcher. Known to be rather critical and unstrusting of Mankind, often arguing against them in matters of preserving the natural world.
  • The Vengeful - Once a revered champion of justice serving the Just and charged with the security of the Serafim, this Immortal went too far in the ruthless pursuit of punishing the wicked, killing without any thought of mercy. Considered an uncontrollable, even chaotic force at this point by most, those whom are particularly despearte will still appeal to the Vengeful to assist with a desire for bloody justice or revenge.
  • The Wailing Gyre - Often described as a raging whirlwind or sandstorm that plagues the deserts of Khalida by night, the Wailing Gyre is said to be the embodiment of the bitterness, hopelessness, and despair of the countless dead from the War of Hosts. Claimed by some to be a literal whirling mass of souls of the dead unable to find rest, the Wailing Gyre seeks the living as if desiring to embrace the spark of life once again, only to drain the unfortunate victim's essence thin among the myriad souls and imprison the remaining withered spirit alongside the others within the Gyre.