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Welcome to the Somnium Wiki!

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There's not a whole lot here yet, but feel free to peruse the following.

The genre is sort of a mid-fantasy frontier. Things like swords and armor and occult powers - gunpowder does not exist (or at least hasn't been discovered or just doesn't function) in this world. Other "genres" may be revealed as exploration and discoveries advance, as there's a lot out there to be discovered about the world.

What about magic? It should be said that "magic" is a rather condescending term generally applied to unverifiable stories of wild and unbelievable fantasy. For verifiable supernatural studies, practices, and phenomena, the term "occult" is used. While the Immortals and their most favored followers have certainly shown the ability to wield occult powers, such things seem beyond the grasp of the vast majority of people. But strange things are being reported in one particular frontier town, drawing many to investigate ...

The playable area consists of the frontier regions around an out-of-the-way town, its population growing beyond its means as refugees find their way there in order to escape an ongoing war. Far removed from the rest of the known world, the people of this town will have to survive on their own skills and talents, as only rarely will any merchants, traders, or skilled craftsmen from more settled regions ever make their way so far out from civilization. In addition to the recent influx of refugees, other people come out to the frontier for the freedom and sense of adventure and exploration, others perhaps to escape a past life. Some may have come to investigate the rumors of occult findings and mysterious artifacts, ancient records, and strange phenomena that are reported in the region, while yet others may simply be hoping to find a quick fortune in valuable relics. One thing is certain, however: There is much out there to be discovered, and some of it may potentially change the world.

Far from combat-centric, there will be plenty to do for people of varying professions and skillsets. While there are dangerous areas where combat skills would be helpful (or indeed, necessary), nobody is required to venture to these areas if they do not wish to. There will be plenty of land that is, for the most part, perfectly safe for those who never had occasion nor desire to take up arms. The needs of the local community ensure that every skill and talent will be appreciated. Food, healthcare, performing arts, tools production, construction and maintenance, and other basic needs must to be met, and as the town grows, there will certainly be a need for those willing to dedicate time and effort to things like peacekeeping and other managerial matters to keep order and allow for progress. That is to say nothing of study and research efforts, as rumors persist of ancient texts and relics being discovered in the area, not to mention the reports of unexplained occult phenomena. Then, of course, there is the matter of the local natives, many of whom are unhappy to see the growing attention their homelands are getting from outsiders ...

As exploration and discoveries are furthered by player characters, certain episodic events may be triggered. These events will, if handled well, reveal more about the world and can even unlock new regions, new crafts, and possibly even new technologies or powers.