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Here you can find info on the various races of the world.

The playable races are as follows:

  • Alban - Alba is the fertile land northeast of the Hoshanna Sea, most of its territories long ago united under a single ruling monarchy as the Great Kingdom of Alba (the people of Roznov have recently seceded and reclaimed their independence). The people of the Great Kingdom of Alba are split into the Highborn and Lowborn, the Highborn made up of the priveleged nobility whilst the Lowborn make up the peasantry and working classes. Alba is currently in a state of serious upheaval, due to financial stresses following the invasion from the Imrani Empire, the resulting unrest of the Lowborn from the raised taxes, the organized rebellion of unpaid soldiers who fought off the Imrani invaders, and a civil war resulting from the lack of a clear heir after the death of the King.
  • Khalidan - Khalida consists of most of the known land south and west of the Hoshanna Sea, with access to the western ocean, and is known for its largely arid climate and multitude of territories. The realm of Khalida was recently, briefly, united by the late conquering Emperor Imran, who met his end in his efforts to conquer the neighboring nation of Alba. The short-lived Imrani Empire has since splintered back into multiple independent territories, many fiercely intent on retaining their freedom, others now run by Imran's generals who wish to continue Imran's vision of a united world, though they are currently stuck bickering and fighting amongst one other.
  • Oswean - A scattered people of mysterious origins, Osweans tend to be a wandering, nomadic folk and rarely settle any significant towns or cities. Some of the more traditional tribes avoid daylight and live in caves, coming to the surface only at night - for one of the most prominent beliefs of the Osweans is that the sun is the eye of a great malevolent Archdaemon. Most Osweans live in the northern regions of the known world, many mingling with the Albans despite suffering a social status lower even than the Lowborn in that kingdom.

Non-playable races include:

  • Zereshite - A mysterious people inhabiting the swamps and jungles of the land Zeresh, south and west of Khalida. Said to have turned to the worship of the Verdant Archdaemon during the War of Hosts, they are hostile to any whom still support the serafim.
  • Wildmen - A tribal people inhabiting the wilderness between the lands of Khalida and Alba, little is known about the so-called "Wildmen", other than that they seem to oppose the increased travel and settling of foreigners in their lands.

There are other races throughout the world that trade and occasionally otherwise interact with these peoples, but relatively little is known about them.