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Please be aware of the 3 major warnings of Somnium:

1. Safety Not Guaranteed

While the rare return from death may be possible (certainly with serious consequences), it's far more likely that when a characater dies, that will be the permanent end of that character. There may also be wounds that never fully heal, incurable diseases, lifelong curses, and other permanent conditions. Some areas of this world can be massively dangerous, and are unforgiving to the foolhardy, the unlucky, and the heroic. Heroes are what they are because they're willing to make real risks.

That said, a character can always stick to the safer areas for a minimal chance of safety risk. There are plenty of safer things to do while still being important and useful to the community.

2. Player Characters Are Not Special

Player characters don't have demonic blood running through their veins. They weren't born with an unnatural affinity for sorcery. They aren't savants with a natural understanding of the Sacred Language. Their birth wasn't the result of an Immortal's special design. They didn't magically inherit the skills and knowledge of their famous ancestors.

A player character is just another person trying to make their way in the world, and the world won't treat them as an exception to the norm without good reason. If a player character wants to become special, significant effort and risks are required.

Of course, it -will- help that player characters happen to be in a special area of the world where special things may happen or be discovered. So, there's that.

Nobody ever said everything special was good, though.

3. Actions Have Consequences

Characters should not do something reckless, foolish, or otherwise risky and expect to be provided a way out if things go south. Consequences could well be permanent. A player character could be:

  • Victim of a long-term wound, poison, disease, or curse. Healthcare isn't the greatest in this world.
  • Banished from town or suffering other long-term reputation woes. Townsfolk aren't going to make special allowances or look the other way for player characters.
  • Sent to prison for a significant amount of time, including a life sentence. There's no reason a jailbreak would "just happen to occur" soon after a character is sent to jail.
  • Permanently dead. Death is a big deal in Somnium.
  • Victim to many other unpleasant things as a result of their actions.

So, characters should consider carefully before they decide to:

  • Heroically defy the odds and face oncoming hordes of nasty foes
  • Commit crimes or mistreat townsfolk
  • Ingest that strange unknown substance
  • Jump into a pit that appears bottomless
  • Take on notoriously dangerous and deadly villains
  • Taunt or betray a being of significant power
  • Take any other risky or foolhardy actions